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Our town has got
the spirit, standing up
and Buffalo Proud.
It's a new day
and we'll live it, rising up
and winning now.
We've always met our
challenges with strength
and discipline.
We care about our
families, our neighbors
and our friends.



The Buffalo Proud  campaign is unique to Buffalo. It's a statement that is ours and ours alone

and captures the true essence of our City's one-of-a-kind, we-are-all-in-this-together personality.

We believe that Buffalo Proud will give a much needed emotional boost to the

Western New York area while imparting a feeling of hope for a brighter and better tomorrow.

We're confident that our  Buffalo Proud  message reflects the true spirit of who we are...

a community with a pride in our City, pride in our willingness to help each other and

pride in the many wonderful assets we all share

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Alden Schutte

Buffalo Proud 30 sec. TV 

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 To help spread the Buffalo Proud messge
contact Alden Schutte at bfloproud@gmail.com

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