Outdoor Billboard
The official Buffalo Proud Face Mask will not only show your pride in the City of Buffalo
and the new Buffalo Proud campaign, it will also help a Buffalo Proud icon, with a portion
of the proceeds being donated to the Buffalo Zoo.
These quality face masks are made from high-tech fabric that was designed for 
medical and sports products because its lightweight, breathable and allows excellent heat
and moisture release. The soft, stretchy fabric has inner and outer layers connected by a
central air-flow layer and the unique design allow the same fabric to stretch around
your ears instead of harsh elastic.
                                                                                            This product is proudly
                                                                                             made in Buffalo, NY USA.
                                                                                                  Buffalo Proud Face Mask  $10.00 
    To help spread the Buffalo Proud message
contact Alden Schutte at bfloproud@gmail.com