Our recently launched Buffalo Proud campaign theme is unique to Buffalo. It's a statement that is ours and

ours alone and captures the true essence of our City's one-of-a-kind, we-are-all-in-this-together personality.

We believe that this new Buffalo Proud message will give a needed emotional boost to our Community,

while imparting a feeling of hope for a brighter and better tomorrow. Much like the "We're Talking Proud" campaign

I created in 1981, this new effort with its updated music and lyrics has already received positive support from

local media and hundreds of Buffalo Proud supporters.

The big difference with this new campaign is the philanthropic component we added to help raise money for what

we are calling Buffalo Proud icons. This year the Buffalo Zoo is very deserving of that distinction. Being 145 years old 

and the 3rd oldest in the nation, the Buffalo Zoo gives all of us a reason to be Buffalo Proud.

Susan and I hope that the donated portion of proceeds generated from the sale of Buffalo Proud t-shirts will 

help provide some relief to this Buffalo Proud icon. We're confident that our Buffalo Proud theme captures the

true spirit of who we are...a community with pride in our City, pride in our willingness to help each other

and pride in the many wonderful assets we all share.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Alden Schutte

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